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Get CRM Podio Hercules today! With CRM Podio Hercules, start automating your real estate business today! Integrating your business into Podio has never been easier. With plans ranging from 3 users to 15 users, it is easy to find the perfect plan for your needs.

About Podio – Podio is an online project management software that is used for project management as well as business needs. CRM Podio Hercules is a pre-built program that directly integrates into Podio. What CRM Podio Hercules does for you is automatically keep track of your customers, manage and track your KPI’s, and provide you with automatic messaging and voicemail. Contact us today for more information, or watch the video.

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“Where the notes are, when the last call was with the seller, when is the next follow up date” Don’t worry it’s all in one place!


Our business tracks real time KPI’s (Key Point Indicators). We are able to track all the important details.


Our CRM comes with Standard Messaging Systems (SMS) or text & Ringless Voicemail Messaging (RVM). Two important systems for CRMs!

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